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Guangzhou Taoyuan electronic technology Co.ltd is manufacturers and wholesalers of mobile phone screens and mobile phone accessories.The company was founded in Guangzhou ,2011.Our company focuses in producing and wholesaling mobile phone lcd screen and mobile phone accessories. We have our own factories and companies. The factory personnel are skilled and can provide high quality products to customers. The company's sales team is professional and can provide customers with thoughtful service.. In the field of mobile phone screens, we have many years of experience in production and foreign trade, and are recognized by customers.. Our products are sold all over the world.The major markets including,north,America,south,America,Europe,Middle East,Oceania.
We always aim to provide customers with high quality and affordable products. Because we believe that only in this way can the two sides achieve mutual benefit. Cooperation for a long time is also our goal. So don't hesitate, come and purchase.

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